Vegan Meat Brand Forced To Change Name

giant LoveSeitan manufacturer was forced to rename one of its line of products following a legal claim.

The company's -based product, Funky Chyck'n , has been renamed to Seitan Chyck'n though it has been sold under the Funky Chyck'n name for over two years.

The brand claims it was approached by lawyers to stop using the name. The reason named was that it was ‘similar' to the wholesaler House of Westphalia's trademarked Funky Chicken product.

LoveSeitan co-founder Steve Swindon said in a statement that's a shame, but legal processes need to be respected and that one might think that a given product made from seitan and a competitor product made from animals that there wouldn't be any misunderstanding. He also added that he thinks this is a  threat by ‘the meat industry' to stop brands from using terms similar to animal products.

The news comes amid the ‘dairy ban‘, which is an ongoing debate in the EU where it could be forbidden .to use terms such as ‘almond ' and ‘'.

Meat producers have complained many times against plant-based brands in the past. Accusing plant-based products of having meat products names that ‘confuse customers'.

Despite all this, many remain confident the plant-based movement will continue to boom.

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