Vegan Kit Kat Bars?

According to the British media outlet Food UK, it seems that Nestel is about to launch Vegan Kit Kats in the UK. 

Swiss company Nestlé a Company with a sordid history of business practices, which their CEO said if he could Tax-free water he'll do it, lately it been diversifying its portfolio to include a growing number of new options and vegan versions of its iconic products. 

In Canada, Nestlé offers vegan versions of its Drumstick cones in Caramel and flavors. In Switzerland, Nestlé recently launched Sensational Vuna, plant-based seafood, which is set to expand to global markets under its Garden Gourmet brand. 

Nestlé has acquired the known vegetarian brand Sweet Earth for an undisclosed amount back in  2017, and since then debuted a variety of vegan products, including the Awesome , Awesome Grounds, and vegan cheddar-stuffed sausages and vegan Benevolent Bacon pieces. Nestlé has also modernized some of its classic brands to include Sweet Earth's products such as DiGiorno pizzas and Stouffer's lasagna.

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