“Vans” Launches Vegan-Friendly Sneaker Range

Image Credit: Vans

Cult brand Vans is launching a new -friendly ‘Earth conscious' sneaker range. Vans is an American skateboard and shoe company and they've just debuted its new Eco Theory capsule in the US.

It features four of the brand's best-selling sneakers, including its iconic checkered slip-ons and 38 Decon hightops. The price tag starts from $65.

All the sneakers are manufactured with organically grown canvas,  made with natural seeds and without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals as well as water-based and natural inks and glues.

The collection also features hemp laces – a natural that is ‘durable, anti-microbial and manages water.

Vans says that growing the materials required much less water and acreage to grow, nd extracts metals from the soil, also the well-known rubber compound has been updated removing 100 percent of the petroleum-based/fossil fuel rubber – replacing it with natural rubber.

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