UB40 Released A Vegan “Red, Red Wine”

UB40 Released A Vegan “Red, Red Wine”

Image Credit: eminent-life

The members of the British pop band UB40 universally known for the top hit “Red, Red Wine” have actually released a red and it’s vegan. 

Ali Campbell and Astro (born Terence Wilson) worked together with company “Eminent Life” to create and produce a Red Red celebrating the band’s 2021 tour. 

“We have always wanted to release our own red, red and we’re very excited to finally be doing this,”


Though the band previously worked with Eminent Life creating wines, this is the first time that Red, Red is labeled as and organic. The new wine features a deep dark color with purple hints and notes of sweet “RED” cherry and plum. “

Vegan “Red Red Wine” will be available for U$$34.63/bottle, both the UB40 and Eminent Life websites.

“I am delighted with the exceptional partnership between Eminent Life and UB40,It has been a pleasure and honour to work with Ali and Astro and we look forward to launching this organic, red wine, which is so befitting of the great track ‘Red Red Wine.’”

Eminent Life Founder, Jerome Jacober

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