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Best Foods For A Healthy Heart

One of the main causes of heart disease is poor diet, we should remind ourselves of the best food we can eat to keep our

Colors Are So Healthy

My Grandmother use to tell me the more color you put on your dish, the more nutritious your food is.   Green There’s a very good

Keto-friendly Snacks

A keto diet is a form of low carb, enough protein, and high-fat diet.  This diet offers many health benefits, makes us lose weight and

The Best Organic Tea

Tea is one of the oldest and healthiest beverages for one to enjoy it makes our health better in many ways. However, not all tea

A Quick Guide to Herbal Supplements

On certain occasions we might not have specific symptoms, or we are making treatment, and it’s not working well enough, or we feel great, but

Avocados Aren’t Vegan

Yes, it’s in the news, a new cancelation policy focused mostly on the millennial-favorite fruit, the avocado, but this news also affected almonds, kiwis, and