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New Vegan Pork Ribs Coming to NYC Grocers

New Vegan Pork Ribs Coming to NYC Grocers

Brooklyn-based vegan meat brand Louie’s recently launched Pig Savin’ Ribs.  These vegan ribs are made with a plant-based mix of flours, spices, and a house-made

Vegan Bacon Startup Raised Usd 60 Million

Biotechnology company Ecovative Design recently raised $60 million to fund its goal of replacing animal products with mushroom-derived alternatives. The company produces a line of

Vegan Meat Brand Forced To Change Name

Vegan meat giant LoveSeitan manufacturer was forced to rename one of its line of products following a legal claim. The company’s seitan-based product, Funky Chyck’n

Meat-Eaters Are Loving Seitan

There has been an enormous rise in the consumption and popularity of seitan, the delicious vegan meat alternative made from wheat. UK’s leading manufacturer “LoveSeitan,”

From Shipping Containers Mini Tempeh Factories

Dutch vegan meat company “Schouten Europe” launched “Tempeh Today” in Bangalore, India. The company manufactures tempeh locally in small, high-tech shipping containers. Tempeh Today plans