Climate Change

Plant-based meat may be a better solution to address climate change than electric cars
According to a new analysis published by the Boston Consulting Group, the fight against climate...
New Research Shows Mushroom Meat Can Help You Grow Muscle Just as Well as Animal Foods Does
A recent study that was published in the Journal of Nutrition demonstrated that mycoprotein...
Climate labels, what are they? How Effective Are They in Changing Our Eating Habits?
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Will the Change in Climate Lead to the End of Animal Agriculture?
Will climate change, which has already caused a halt in the production of French Salers cheese...
Is taxing meat the solution?
A senior UK politician called Alok Sharma, who had recently been nominated as the president...
Volkswagen Is Going Vegan Meat To Fight Climate Change.
This August 20, Volkswagen the German car manufacturer will stop serving meat at its primacies,...
Greta Thunberg Talks Sustainability In Debut Vogue Scandinavia Cover Issue
Climate activist Greta Thunberg at just 18 years old grasped for the first time the cover of...
Funny Girl Affirms Industrial Agriculture as ‘Unnecessarily Cruel’
American singer, actor, and filmmaker Barbra Streisand has qualified industrial agriculture...
Where Vegans Get Protein?
Probably the most common question Vegans face is  it’s “Where Do You Get Your Protein...
Dicaprio Joins Startup Perfect Day To Fight Climate Change With Animal-free Dairy
Bill Gates Recommends To Move to 100% Plant-Based Beef To Fight Climate Crisis
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Vegan Charity Got Promoted by Joaquin Phoenix During Golden Globes Ceremony
Jeff Bezos Urged Investing In Plant-Based Meat After Stepping Down From Amazon CEO
Meat taxing
Is taxing meat the solution?
Online Vegan Supermarket To Plant Tree With Every Sale
Online Vegan Supermarket To Plant Tree With Every Sale
Funny Girl Affirms Industrial Agriculture as ‘Unnecessarily Cruel’