Supermarket Vegan Products Cost More Than Animal Products

According to research, customers pay 200 % more for products in comparison to their animal counterparts.

The study was made in the UK and commissioned by the sports insurance brand, Insure4Sport. The results arrived at a conclusion that four in five products cost more than the meat options.

The analysis looked at seven supermarkets, including Waitrose and Marks & Spencer’s.

For example, M&S’s Plant Kitchen No Pork Sausage Rolls sell for £2.25. Yet, the pork version costs 80p, making the product £1.45 more expensive. And this while both products have the same weight.

Furthermore, the prices of milk at Waitrose were compared. Semi-skimmed cow’s milk costs customers 89p whilst the supermarket’s own brand of is priced at £1.55. Waitrose’s Chilli costs £3.75 whilst the meat version is both cheaper and a bigger portion.

If you buy at least twice a week it would cost an additional £35 a year.

Despite this, many people who chose diets argue that it is cheaper to avoid animal products because it’s healthier and you’ll save on your health future.

. Waitrose added that it hopes prices decrease in line with growing demand.

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