Super Bowl Star Tom Brady Praised For Eating ‘Mostly Plant-Based’

Super Bowl Star Tom Brady has been praised for eating a mostly diet. The American star quarterback plays for Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the NFL which won together with his team the Super Bowl for the second year running. 

The NFL player was commended by Alicia Silverstone the former “Clueless” Stra for being very vocal on his plant-heavy diet.

Silverstone told her 1.3 million fanbases on Instagram: “Tom Brady is one of the most prominent athletes to embrace a primarily plant-based and credits it for allowing him to play competitively into his 40s. He wrote about his inspired diet in his book TB12 Method.

“He has led his teams to nine Super Bowls in the past and holds the record as the quarterback with the most Super Bowl titles! ‘I love that he is so vocal about his diet’

Is Tom Brady vegan?

When asked the star quarterback he says he is not, however, says that around 80 percent of his is plant-based, and during the spring and summer, foods make up to 90-95 percent of his diet.

He refers to a plant-based as common sense however while he does consume animal products, he tries to limit the amount of meat he eats to a minimum. 

Last year, the star partnered with meal-kit delivery company Purple Carrot. The company aims to ‘make food to non-vegans’.

Purple Carrot also collaborated with Brady’s performance plan TB12 to offer options that are high in for those who lead an active lifestyle.

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