Sixty Percent of Gordon Ramsay’s New Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant Doesn’t Involve Meat

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Gordon Ramsay, the renowned chef and restaurateur, has recently announced that his flagship restaurant in the nation’s capital serves 60 percent vegetarian and vegan dishes. 

The new menu will focus on plant-based options and sustainable ingredients, catering to the growing demand for vegan and vegetarian options. This shift towards a more environmentally conscious menu aligns with the chef’s passion for using fresh and seasonal ingredients, as well as his dedication to promoting healthy eating habits. Despite being known for his love of meat, Ramsay has stated that this change was made in response to the current global food crisis and the need to find more sustainable and responsible ways of feeding the world’s population. This decision has been met with both excitement and skepticism from fans, but it remains to be seen how this change will impact the restaurant’s reputation and success.

With its numerous fascinating features, the 14,800-square-foot room is like a real-life replica of Ramsay’s reality culinary competition of the same name. We also have a photo wall of framed Hell’s Kitchen winners and a souvenir shop with cookbooks and “Go to Hell” tote bags.

Beyond the decor, though, the menu is where diners will notice a difference between this Ramsay establishment and his others. Vegetarian and vegan options take center stage, to the point where a second menu is needed beside the primary one.

Ramsay’s vegan menu features dishes like pan-seared tofu scallops with celery root and pickled Granny Smith apples, risotto made with butternut squash, beluga lentils with sautéed vegetables and a shaved fennel salad, and a salad made with golden beets, vegan yogurt, kumquats, pistachio granola, and white balsamic vinaigrette.

Ramsay stated in a statement, “Washington, DC is a great city with so much history and an amazing culinary scene.” It’s been a long time coming, but now that the time has finally come, I’m beyond thrilled to welcome customers.

When dining at a Gordon Ramsay establishment, what vegan options are available?

Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips, Gordon Ramsay Burger, Gordon Ramsay Steak, Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay’s Kitchen, and Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza are just a few of Ramsay’s many restaurant concepts. Although vegetarian options may be found at all of Gordon Ramsay’s eateries, the only one that features a whole vegan menu is Hell’s Kitchen.

Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants offer a variety of vegan options, including plant-based dishes such as roasted vegetables, grilled portobello mushrooms, salads, and grain bowls. Some of his restaurants also offer vegan pasta dishes and soups, as well as plant-based alternatives to classic dishes like risotto and curry. The specific options available may vary between locations, so it is recommended to check with each restaurant for their current menu offerings. Additionally, many of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants have a commitment to using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, so the vegan options may change regularly to reflect these changing ingredients.

In 2018, Ramsay introduced the first vegan dish to his restaurants when he introduced a vegan Charred Aubergine Pizza to his London restaurant, formerly known as Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza and now known as Bread Street Kitchen. He tweeted about trying out the new vegan option with the phrase, “Going to give this #vegan thing a shot.”

The following year, 2019, he began Veganuary by presenting a vegan menu to Bread Street Kitchen.

The Chicago eatery’s original chef made care to include veggie patties in the menu. The Vegan Burger at Gordon Ramsay Burger is made out of a plant-based patties, vegan bread, bibb lettuce, roasted tomato, avocado, and eggless garlic mayonnaise, and is one of the restaurant’s eight unique burger creations.

Ramsay is well-known not only for his restaurants and TV appearances, but also for the vegan recipes he frequently posts online. The vegan bang bang cauliflower, crispy vegan bacon, and eggplant steak from the Michelin-starred chef have all been huge hits with online audiences.

For some reason, vegan food manages to convert even Gordon Ramsay.

After years of being a vociferous opponent of veganism, Ramsay has come forth to declare his undying love for vegan cuisine. Ramsay hosted the first-ever vegan cooking challenge on Master Chef, and it all went down on one episode. Ramsay’s long-kept secret that he enjoys vegan meals was exposed on the program “Gordon Ramsay Loves Vegans.”

“It’s a secret so enormous, I’m almost afraid to disclose it on national television,” Ramsay stated on the show. Because Ramsay has a history of making jokes about and making fun of vegans and vegan food, many of the chefs here looked surprised at what he may say. To paraphrase, “Don’t fret, Gordon. A place of safety, so to speak. As the competitors cheered, Judge Aarón Sánchez reassured them, “We’ll support you.”

After years of denial, Ramsay said, “After all these years, I can now admit that I truly love vegan cooking.”

The chef hammered home his argument with a demonstration of his vegan take on the classic beef dish, beet Wellington. Saying, “It’s taken me 20 years to reach to this point,” he reflected on his journey so far.

It’s not just Ramsay’s Vegan Feast that has vegan dishes. In 2021, Josie Clemens became the first vegan contender in Hell’s Kitchen’s 17-year history when Ramsay invited her to compete. The Michigan-born chef revealed that she and Ramsay met online after she tweeted, “When are you going vegan, mate?” to Ramsay, prompting Ramsay to start following Clemens on Twitter.

Clemens, before being invited to Hell’s Kitchen, emphasized the significance a vegan presence would have on the show.

Clemens wrote on Instagram, “The thing that I am most excited about for this show is that six million people are going to watch it, and they’re six million people who usually watch a meat cooking show, and this is a significant seed being planted about veganism in popular consciousness.” It’s possible that this will be the first time some individuals have heard about veganism.

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