Six reasons why dairy and eggs are unethical

And why becoming a vegetarian is not enough on its own.

Why is it immoral to consume the eggs that come from one’s own chicken coop when factory farming of dairy and eggs is just as bad as (if not worse than) factory farming of meat in many ways? I fully comprehend how factory farming of dairy and eggs is just as bad as (if not worse than) factory farming of meat. What about a dairy farm that doesn’t kill its cows for their milk but instead allows them to live out their natural lives and simply collects whatever extra milk they produce? It would appear that both of these items may be harvested very easily from an otherwise thriving environment by using certain techniques. For that matter, if you only consume the flesh of animals who are going to die soon anyhow or that have died of natural causes, there doesn’t appear to be much of an issue there. I am curious as to what the viewpoint of vegans is on the aforementioned topics.

The argument that “but they are not dying,” which is commonly used to justify the use of eggs and dairy, is, unfortunately, not accurate. Both cows and chickens are slaughtered for their milk and eggs respectively in modern agriculture. even though they must first live a life filled with misery as well. The majority of people have a vision of dairy and egg farming that is somewhat idealized and romantic. They hold the misconception that contented dairy cows spend their days roaming fields and are only milked sporadically by farm workers who are kind and considerate. A significant number of individuals are under the impression that chickens are not restricted in any way when it comes to their movement inside their coops or yards, and that they are allowed to continue producing eggs naturally throughout their lives without being damaged in any way. But even if either of these things were true, it would not change the fact that we do not have the right to treat animals however we see fit since they are not our property. They are independent beings, each with their own requirements, feelings, desires, and anxieties, as well as families. In this article, we will discuss nine reasons why the dairy and egg sectors should be avoided as much as possible.

  1. Cows are artificially inseminated to cause them to get pregnant and start nursing. We take the newborn calves away from their mothers immediately after they are born so that they do not drink any of the milk that we collect. The calves are either nurtured to become additional beef or dairy cows, or they are sold for veal production.
  2. In large-scale egg farms, laying hens are often housed in confined spaces known as battery cages. Throughout many generations, chickens used for egg production have been selectively bred to produce vast quantities of eggs but relatively little meat. This indicates that raising male progeny from laying chickens to producing meat is not a financially viable option. Therefore, males are culled, or slaughtered, on the same day as females are sexed (usually a couple of days after hatching).
  3. Both dairy cows and laying hens produce fewer products as they age, which is why they are also transported to the slaughterhouse to be utilized in items like canned soups, where the quality of the product is not as crucial as it is with beef or broiler hens.
  4. If you have a little farm and you take good care of your cows and chickens and all of their kids, what are you going to do with all of those animals? To continue to obtain milk, you will need to maintain breeding the cows. Are you going to keep each and every one of them? That is going to be very expensive. The same may be said about the chickens. What are you going to do with all of the roosters if you let them mate so that you may refill your flock? Roosters often don’t get along. You may need to keep each of them in their own space. And what will happen when everyone reaches old age, at which point they will no longer be fertile or lay eggs? (no more milk). Will you continue to provide for their physical needs, such as housing and food, even after they have given you nothing more in return? There is no other farm that even comes close to being like this one. Even animal shelters will allow the hens to consume their own eggs if they are not collected, thus this is not an alternative for you to consider.
  5. Both dairy and egg farming are major contributors to the ever-worsening problems of global warming, water pollution and scarcities, deforestation, species loss, and environmental breakdown. Dairy farms are particularly responsible for the problem of water pollution. Egg farms are also major contributors. Through their flatulence, cows are responsible for the production of large volumes of CO2, nitrous oxide, and methane, which are all detrimental greenhouse gasses that contribute to the warming of the globe.
  6. Because chickens create such a large quantity of excrement, they also generate significant levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane, in addition to hazardous levels of nitrogen and ammonia. Not only does ammonia contribute to the loss of the ozone layer, but it is also harmful to living things. It seeps into local water systems and is deposited in the air, both of which cause harm to vegetation and wildlife. More than 85 percent of England’s total land area, according to a report that was just released by the government, has ammonia concentrations that are higher than the threshold level that has been established to conserve keystone species (species that are essential to ecosystems).

You can still have a negative influence on the environment even if you don’t eat meat since drinking milk and eating eggs supports the dairy and egg industries, which in turn contributes to climate change and the destruction of ecosystems, among other negative effects on the environment.

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