Realistic Vegan Fish Launched In Dutch Sushi Chain

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Sushi Point a known Dutch chain recently added five dishes to its menu in all 32 branches in the Netherlands. The new addition to the menu includes Lemon Ebi Uramaki; vegan deep-fried Lemon Ebi; vegan Lemon Eli Salad and vegan Spicy Salmon roll with spring onion and sriracha mayonnaise. Sushi Point also offers a Happy Vegan combo that includes 18 pieces of vegan Spicy Salmon, vegan Lemon Ebi, nigiri Miami, and edamame. 

All dishes are made with fish supplied by Dutch brand Zeastar from food company Vegan Finest Foods. Vegan Zeastar creates seafood offering a unique taste and texture that succeed to mimic animal-based seafood. Its products include vegan Sashimi No Tuna, Sashimi Zalmon, Shrimpz, Crispy Lemon Shrimpz, Crispy Chili Shrimpz, Kalamariz, and Tasty Codd. 

“Do you like sushi but do you eat vegan? Then your options at many sushi restaurants are unfortunately very limited. Fortunately, at SushiPoint you can choose a number of delicious Sushi variants that suit a diet,”

“Although sushi is originally mainly oriented towards sushi variants with fish, our creative chefs have put together a balanced range of sushi. So if sushi is also your favorite meal but you want to eat vegan, you can still enjoy delicious vegan sushi at SushiPoint.”

Sushi Point

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