Processed Vegan Meats—Are They Really the Enemy?

We all know how bad are processed food. Have we joined the “Dark Side”?

Actually, today we want to present a more balanced approach regarding the apprehension most people have on eating processed animal food substitutes, namely, vegan meats.

I consider myself an ambassador for the consumption of vegan meats for many reasons. First, eating vegan meat will make the transition to a vegan diet much easier for meat-eaters! If only for that reason alone, I’m constantly recommending people to buy vegan sausages and hamburgers!

When you allow yourself to eat processed meat substitutes, you can have the familiar meal experience you’re used to without hurting animals. You can even use your favorite traditional recipes by substituting animal protein for plant-based products! It’s convenient, fast, delicious, and these days, you can buy so many alternatives!

Another important reason to eat vegan meat is that one might need it healthwise speaking. Many vegans get scared of eating processed food and their diets consist only of lots of veggies, forgetting the protein or calories. This can cause some people problems in the short-term and others in the long-term.

We hear many stories from numerous people who developed fatigue on a vegan diet after either a short time or a long period of going vegan and whose health turned around after they added more plant protein, and sometimes fat.

Unfortunately, many vegans consider vegan meats “junk food” many of them will opt to go back to eating animal meat rather than trying high-protein vegan meats. Of course, we have many other high-protein vegan foods, such as tofu and legumes, but most vegan meats made from soy or wheat gluten contain more protein per serving than any other plant foods.

Here’s an example of vegan thriving today thanks to adding plant-based meat to her diet.

Oh, and by the way for anyone who goes into a gluten-free diet and is asking if he can fit into veganism, There are plenty of meat alternatives that offer a few gluten-free products.

Vegan meats help us to feel full, satiated, satisfied and comforted. It prevents animals from suffering, and it helps us set an example for meat eaters that vegan food can be tasteful. We can fulfill our meet our protein needs and feel energetic. While vegan meats may not be for every vegan, we can remove the fear of vegan meat we’ve created over the years.

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