Online Vegan Supermarket To Plant Tree With Every Sale

Online Vegan Supermarket To Plant Tree With Every Sale

Online supermarket, TheVeganKind (TVK) just launched a tree-planting campaign to reduce CO2 emissions and to spread awareness of ecological issues.

Each time a customer shops on the website, the company will plant a tree. This is done in a partnership with the environmental organization Ecologi, an organization that funds reforestation projects.

To this date, TVK has planted 2,343 trees contributing significantly to a vast carbon reduction as a result.

To participate all that customers need to do is to carry out their orders as usual.

As part of this new campaign, the TVK launched a new page on its online platform: TVK Planet, where they plan to spread awareness on environmental issues such as .

TVK has experienced incredible growth since they've started as a subscription service in a two-bedroom flat.

Married couple  Scott and Karris McCulloch founded it in 2013. Now TVK stocks over 6,000 products. Moreover, In 2020, it upgraded to a larger facility and continues to expand. 

Last month TVK announced it secured a £3.5 million investment.

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