Newly Crowned Miss Universe Andrea Meza Is Vegan

Newly Crowned Miss Universe Andrea Meza Is Vegan

Image Credit: @andreamezamx

Last weekend, Miss Mexico Andrea Meza a 26 years old software engineer, was crowned the new Miss Universe at the 69th annual pageant held at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, FL. Born in Chihuahua. 

Meza is vegan and an advocate for women’s rights. The new Miss Universe frequently shares her vegan meals with over her 1.3 million Instagram followers.

During the ceremony, Meza explained the importance of expanding the definition of “beauty” over one’s physical appearance and include in that definition the personal beliefs and values of that person since according to her life philosophy beauty lies in one spirit, soul, and the values ​​people handle to themselves. 

Meza also holds the titles of Miss World Americas and Mexicana Universal, she works helping her hometown promoting tourism and works with charities and communities in need in other countries in Latin America and the World. She is a multi-talented beauty queen with her own designs at Andrea Meza Activewear, an athletic brand she created for women which will be launching its vegan first items pretty soon.

She is not the first Vegan Beauty Queen, but she is the first Miss Universe to describe herself as such and we are sure she will use her position to advocate for veganism and the protection of animals. 

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