New Vegan Pork Ribs Coming to NYC Grocers

New Vegan Pork Ribs Coming to NYC Grocers
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Brooklyn-based vegan meat brand Louie’s recently launched Pig Savin’ Ribs. 

These vegan ribs are made with a plant-based mix of flours, spices, and a house-made barbecue sauce. The Pig Savin’ Ribs were created by Louie’s Plant-Based co-founder Louis Catizone because of his passion for grilling and to introduce a new flavor in his vegan deli store. 

These ribs are featured in a vegan rib sandwich, which became the shop’s most popular offering. Given the response, Louie’s Plant-Based went to create a larger product offering for retail and restaurants. 

“I can remember just a few years ago searching high and low for plant-based burgers,”

“Now they’re everywhere, but there’s still very few options in the vegan grilling category. We want to make barbecuing a much more inclusive space and bring products to market that appeal to vegans and meat-eaters alike.”


Louie’s Pig Savin’ Ribs are now available on the company website for $19.99 and in a few selected places in NY city each week. 

A portion of proceeds from the sales of Pig Savin’ Ribs will benefit animal sanctuaries across the country.

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