Neo-Colonialism: Sierra Leone Government Sells Beach And Protected Rainforest To China


The Sierra Leone government recently sold 250 acres of coast and protected rainforest to China to build a fishing port.

It’s a $55 million deal that has been widely criticized by conservationists and rights groups who claim the move will affect the local people, destroy endangered species, and probably cause irreversible harm to the whole planet.

The news was originally reported by the British Newspaper “The Guardian” from rumors about a Chinese fishmeal plant circling on social media.

A couple of days later, it was confirmed that a new factory plant will be built along the Black Johnson coastline which would allow for ‘bigger fishing’ and a move Sierra Leone into the international market.

The proposed area sits next to the Western Area Peninsula National Park, which is the natural habitat of rare animals and endangered species.

After the Sierra Leone Fisheries Ministry confirmed the stretch of beach was the best spot for construction, environmentalist groups expressed their discontent with the government and demanded studies and assessments into the social and ecological impact.

Though the ministry said it would offer a generous funding package to affected landowners in the region, they expressed they want the deal canceled.

Black Johnson landowners branded the deal as disastrous for both the country and the planet. They said the harbor will plunder fish stocks, pollute marine life, and destroy the picturesque rainforest since usually Chinese Corporations do not really care much about the environment.

The danger multiplies since the shore is known as Whale Bay because so many dolphins and whales are spotted there and the land suggested for the harbor is also a breeding ground for various species of fish.

You can help save the beach, locals launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise legal fees for a judicial review here

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