Meat Giant JBS targeted by a ‘Cybersecurity Attack’

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Meat Factory (Illustration)

One of the world’s largest processors of beef and pork JBS USA has been hit by a ‘cybersecurity attack’.

Since then, the global meat giant has been facing disruptions including shutting down meatpacking facilities and experiencing problems with supply, according to multiple reports.

However, governments banded together to resolve production, after the discovery the attack was allegedly performed by a Russian criminal organization.

The company announced it was the target of an ‘organized cybersecurity attack’ last week. As a result, IT systems in the US and Australia were affected.

Another branch, JBS São Paulo also revealed the attack was part of a ransom demand.

In a recent press release, JBS warned its customers and suppliers may experience delays. However, it said at this stage they are not aware of any evidence that customer data had been ‘compromised’.

According to reports, the damage is extensive, Cattle slaughter at all US plants was halted, fearing that meat prices could rise if JBS cannot resolve the issue quickly, Reuters claimed. Thousands of abattoir and meatpacking workers stood down.

A couple of days later, JBS USA announced production was expected to resume this week following a ‘rapid recovery’.

“JBS USA and Pilgrim’s continue to make significant progress in restoring our IT systems and returning to business as usual. Today, the vast majority of our facilities resumed operations as we forecast yesterday, including all of our pork, poultry, and prepared foods facilities around the world and the majority of our beef facilities in the US and Australia.”

Andrew Nogueira, JBS USA CEO

Global operations are anticipated to resume at full capacity by Monday.

Additionally, JBS USA revealed it received support from governments across the globe to resolve the incident.

Despite allegations surrounding JBS’s involvement with illegal Amazon deforestation, the meat giant has launched various products such as the range Ozo. It included burgers, a ground beef alternative, and meatballs.

Additionally, JBS acquired Vivera is a staggering USD400 million deal. Part of the sale includes the development of three manufacturing units and a research center in The Netherlands.

Moreover, the deal is hoped to give JBS a ‘stronghold’ in the sector.

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