Meat-Eaters Are Loving Seitan

Image Credit: LoveSeitan

There has been an enormous rise in the consumption and popularity of seitan, the delicious alternative made from wheat.

UK’s leading manufacturer “LoveSeitan,” said that there was an unprecedented increase in demand in  2020 and numbers continue to rise since the start of 2021. In the same period of 2021 compared to 2020  the demand increase by a staggering 74% and that’s a lot considering that 2020 was 78% un compared to 2019.

The jump in sales is not due to hungrier vegans but actually by meat-eaters, now choosing seitan over meat.

Image Credit: LoveSeitan

 “The increase in demand has been remarkable, especially since the start of pandemic.”

“We are seeing many new customers admitting they are now choosing seitan as a healthier, greener option for protein instead of animal meat in an effort to protect their immunity, general and the environment.”

“As health and sustainability become more important for everyone, we expect to see the popularity of seitan continue to surge upwards.”

“Our seitan is packed with protein and B12, and it’s a source of fibre, so it ticks a lot of boxes for customers.”

Steve Swindon co-founder of LoveSeitan

Who Are LoveSeitan?

Image Credit: LoveSeitan

LoveSeitan is a UK-based manufacturer of seitan. They have developed a unique process for making seitan with delicious texture and flavor in their fully accredited facility.

 In addition to serving the public through their online shop, LoveSeitan supplies foodservice businesses, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, restaurants, cafes, and retail outlets and distribute their products to many countries around the world.

They became very popular since they do not have added chemicals, enhancers, preservatives, or other artificial products to make it look or behave like meat, their products are developed in a kitchen, not in a lab, using only natural ingredients.

What Is Seitan?

Seitan is a wheat-based vegan meat alternative providing a healthy, low-fat, high-fiber, and protein-rich food for vegans and vegetarians. 100g of seitan can provide:

  • Protein: 28g
  • Fat: 1.2g, of which 0.2g is saturates
  • Carbs: 8.8g, of which 0.6g is sugars
  • Salt: 1.5g
  • Fiber: 2.6g
  • B12: 1.3 micrograms.

One might think that Seitan is a recently developed alternative but seitan has a long history, dating back to ancient China, almost 1,500 years ago. Buddhist monks in the 6th  century discovered the wheat meat after soaking their wheat dough in water and removing all the starch, leaving high-protein wheat gluten. 

It is delicious served in a meal, including roasts, burgers, sandwiches, and everything in between.

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