Looking for a remote job? You won’t be able to find one better than this.


Well, this is quite an extraordinary and unexpected job offer, the European Space Agency (ESA) is looking for experts in cultured meat. Until now this is a regular job offer however what makes the offer so special is how it ends: the European Space Agency (ESA) is looking for experts in for human space travel. Cool ah?

Well, the ESA is relying on to feed the crews on all future far-Earth explorations missions, and they’ve also added says that “applications from women are encouraged.”

The job ad, which is for a Research Fellowship Opportunity in the Directorate of Human & Robotic Exploration Programmes. The Research Fellow Membership will be based in the Columbus 2030 Engineering Team and work in collaboration with the Space Medicine Team.

“You will identify, investigate and evaluate current developments in cultured meat (meat produced by in vitro cell culture from animal cells rather than slaughtered animals) and its end-to-end processing value chain, including resources required and waste products generated,” From the Ad

The cultivation of meat in space has already been tested by Aleph Farms. They’ve successfully made out experiments on growing beef in 2019 at the International Space Station (ISS), as part of its mission to create and provide sustainable food security on earth.

This past October, the same company launched its ‘Aleph Zero’ a new program focused on cultivating meat for space exploration thus enabling “human life to become multi-planetary“. 

The ESA is securing strategic partnerships with many different technology companies and space agencies to establish biological farms in outer-space environments, and eventually apply the lessons learned in space to what it terms as “earthbound sites”.

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