Lewis Hamilton’s Vegan Burger To Open 7 More Branches And 20 Delivery-only Outposts In London

Image Credit: Neat Burger

United Kingdom-based chain Neat it’s expanding to 7 additional locations in London along with 20 delivery-only kitchens. Neat Burger offers cheeseburgers, chicken burgers, hot dogs, tater tots, ice cream, and milkshakes, along with kid’s meals. 

The brand was founded by world champion F1 race car driver and vegan ambassador Lewis Hamilton in collaboration with The Cream Group and Beyond Meat investor Tommaso Chiabara.

“A few years ago, most people would not have been that into the idea of a plant-based restaurant, and restaurants had one option on the menu to cater for the vegetarians,”

“The fact that there is now such a high demand for a totally plant based offering is really encouraging and exciting to us. Even meat-eaters are going out of their way to choose options as the awareness of the effect it has on the world grows and grows.”

Neat  Director Zack Bish

Hamilton’s burgers

Hamilton went in 2017, then he opened the first Neat location in Central London in 2019 quickly expanding to a second and third location in the Camden and Soho neighborhoods. Also, Hamilton announced plans to franchise the concept to 14 global locations in major cities such as New York City and Los Angeles. 

Hamilton promotes the ethical side of and fights for racial justice on and off the track. In November 2020, after winning his seventh Formula One Championship and surpassing the win record previously held by legendary driver Michael Schumacher,  Hamilton took to Instagram to send a message about racial justice followed by an Instagram story—where he shared a video of pigs headed to slaughter—that urged his 30 million followers to go vegan.

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