King Charles Is Looking For A Vegan Chef

Buckingham Palace is searching for a qualified individual to fill the position of Premier Sous Chef; the ideal candidate will have experience preparing plant-based meals in order to meet the dietary needs of King Charles.

If you are skilled in preparing vegan meals that are suitable for royalty and interested in working at Buckingham Palace, they may have a position open for you. The royal residence is looking to hire a Premier Sous Chef who can “provide the next in a long series of spectacular plates.” The job description for this position can be seen on the royal residence’s website.

The Premier Sous Chef is responsible for supervising the kitchen workers as well as the food stocks and preparation of meals using seasonal ingredients. According to what is written in the job ad, “the scope and variety this work offers is second to none.”

This role needs a commitment of at least 45 hours per week across five days, and you will report directly to the Head Chef. The job description indicates that you will be responsible for “working strategically with the Head Chef and Royal Chef to drive change ahead, resurrecting traditional dishes and fostering new menus concepts.” “And in all that you do, you’ll ensure the very best from a kitchen that is completely one of a kind.”

The British Royal Family

The Premier Sous Chef will become a member of a team of thirty cooks who are responsible for preparing meals for six different residences. Because the sous chef will be responsible for preparing meals for the Royal Family and their guests, the ideal candidate will have extensive experience preparing meals using only plant-based ingredients. This is necessary in order to satisfy the dietary restrictions of King Charles.

Is the King of England a vegan?

During an interview in 2021 with the BBC, King Charles disclosed that in order to do his part in tackling the climate problem, he restricts the amount of animal products that he consumes. He stated, “Of course, the food that we consume is a significant factor in our lives.”

Although he does not follow a vegan diet, King George does not consume meat or dairy products on one of the seven days of the week and abstains from eating meat on two other days of the week. During the interview with the BBC, King Charles disclosed that he is conscientious about the origin of the meat that he consumes and avoids consuming any products derived from animals that were raised in factory farms.

In reference to meat, he stated that one can determine whether or not it is of higher quality depending on whether or not it is grass-fed and comes from the appropriate breeds. This method of farming is less harmful to the environment than the industrialized method, which involves intensive production of everything and results in significant environmental damage.

In order to be considered for the post of Premier Sous Chef, candidates must demonstrate “excellent knowledge of classical cuisine, and of the food industry in general,” in addition to having the ability to create menus for a variety of dining occasions and for high-volume catering. According to the posting for the position, “you are a highly qualified and talented chef, having experience at a senior level from either a five-star fine dining establishment or five-star catering organization.”

Because of King Charles’ dietary restrictions, the ideal candidate for the post will also need to have experience preparing meals based on plant-based ingredients.

There will be no foie gras served.

Foie gras is never going to be on King Charles’s menu when he is partaking in activities that include the consumption of animal products. The expensive delicacy is produced by forcibly feeding birds (usually ducks or geese) until their livers grow bloated with food to the point where the birds die. The animal product that was obtained by inhumane means is not permitted in Buckingham Palace or any of the other royal residences.

In a letter that he addressed to the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) one year ago, Tony Johnstone-Burt, who was serving as the Master of King Charles’ household at the time, verified the policy (PETA). According to the letter, the Royal Household and the Royal Residences do not buy foie gras, and there are also no current intentions to change this policy. “I can affirm that neither the Royal Household nor the Royal Residences purchase foie gras,” read the letter.

PETA presented King Charles with vegan foie gras prepared by chef Alexis Gauthier, who holds a Michelin star, as a gesture of gratitude for the monarch’s decision to remove foie gras from his menu. After becoming vegan several years earlier, the head chef at the upmarket restaurant in London’s Soho neighborhood, Gauthier, removed all traces of animal products off the menu in 2021. He then began serving the delectable terrine.

When Gauthier originally reopened the restaurant as a vegan establishment, he encountered some resistance, but he assured customers that the quality of the food prepared and dishes presented did not suffer in any way. “I was aware I’d have a fight on my hands, especially as I have many customers who have been eating my food since I was at [my former restaurant] Roussillon,” Gauthier told Big Hospitality at the time. “I was aware I’d have a fight on my hands, especially as I have many customers who have been eating my food since I was at Roussillon.”

“I understand why people feel left down,” he said. “I was one of those people.” Yet, I assure them, “Believe me, what we’re preparing is just as wonderful as that.” There are some people who are willing to do it, while others are not.

The chef at Gauthier Soho now offers a vegan menu that is fit for a king. It includes fish-free caviar, tartlets packed with nettle and sour berries, roasted golden turnips, and superb “cuit en croute” onions, among other dishes.

On the website of the restaurant, Gauthier writes, “As human beings, our personal impact on the globe and toward the creatures we share this world is more and more of a daily discussion.”

“What we choose to eat and drink is our own decision, and choosing plant-based is the most direct and powerful action you can make to directly affect the world in a more positive way,” he said. “Choosing plant-based is the most direct and powerful action you can make to directly affect the world in a more positive way.”

It’s possible that Guathier might be a good choice for the role of Premier Sous Chef. This job is available from now until April 14, 2023, and in addition to a competitive income and 33 paid holidays, there is also the possibility of live-in lodgings being provided.

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