Jeremy Clarkson Insists ‘Normal People Eat Meat’ – Despite ‘Heartache’ Over Farming Animals


The former Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson recently said that normal people eat meat despite admitting his heartache each time after sending his farm animals for slaughter.

He has owned a farm located in the Cotswold since 2008. However, the celebrity says he ‘hasn't really been quite involved with the day-to-day management until now.

Clarkson is attempting to manage the animals and land on his own as part of a new show for Amazon Prime TV. 

Reports say the car expert found this experience difficult and caused him each time an extraordinary heartache.

“Nobody likes killing an animal, You can't say ‘I enjoy killing animals' – you'd be deranged or a sociopath. So, you don't enjoy it, you've got to do it, it's the business. We all like having a roast. Well, these days I appreciate some people eat seeds and weeds. But, normal people eat meat, and they like a Sunday roast.  So it has to happen, and that was my first experience of it.  I nearly abdicated the responsibility of taking sheep to the abattoir to someone else. Then I thought ‘no, come on you've got to do it.'”

Jeremy Clarkson

Back in 2019, Clarkson's Top Gear co-host and friend James May stopped eating animal products for 24 hours as a part of World Day. 

#GoVegan24 campaign aims to highlight the environmental impact of agricultural farming. It calls on participants to post a short video explaining why they are going vegan.

“I'm doing World Vegan Day, and I'm not eating any meat products for a whole day,” May said. 

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