Jeff Bezos Urged Investing In Plant-Based Meat After Stepping Down From Amazon CEO

Once Jeff Bezos stepped down from his position as CEO of Amazon, he will reportedly focus on his climate-change focussed Bezos Earth Fund. He has been requested by many environmentalists to invest in plant-based meat companies.

Is it clear if he will invest in eco-friendly organizations, including cell-grown meat will save the planet?. He said it is not.

on his Instagram account, Bezos said: “Climate change is the biggest threat to our planet.

What is the Bezos Earth Fund?

It is a 10 billion dollar fund launched in February 2020 to ‘protect’ the planet and fight against climate change. Since then, he has donated to many organizations including Dream Corps Green For All, The Hive Fund for Climate and Gender Justice, Eden Reforestation Projects, The Nature Conservatory, and the World Wildlife Fund.

Plant-based investment

Journalist Matt Simon from Wired Magazine suggested that one of the best ideas to reduce carbon emissions would be to invest in plant-based meat companies such as the Impossible Burger.

Another suggestion was also to invest in cell-based meat.

What is cell-grown meat?

Cell-grown meat is created in laboratories by harvesting and growing animal cells. It has been considered as an alternative to animal agriculture – which is reported to account for 87 percent of the annual greenhouse gas emissions.

Some don’t consider laboratory-produced meat as vegan-friendly since it is derived from animal cells.

Cultured meat might solve many of the problems caused by the global meat industry but still many questions and doubts are still in the open.


Another suggestion Mr. Bezos received is to tackle the biodiversity crisis. He suggested one way of doing this would be to look at coastlines and manage kelp forests.

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