Israeli Startup making 3D-Printed Vegan Steak Secures $135 Million In Funds

Image Source: Redefinemeat

Israeli start-up “Redefine Meat” is expanding to Europe as the interest in new technologies reaches new levels. This comes after the company has recently secured USD 135 million in funding. According to reports, it will reach thousands of restaurants across the world with its 3D-printed products.

It has since confirmed it will anchor its total of USD 135 million in investment in a production plant in the Netherlands.

Further deals are being made to distribute more of the steaks in restaurants in Israel and across the wider world.

Currently, the faux steaks can be found in restaurants scattered around the world, the company also supplies its products to Facebook, Google, and Apple staff canteens.

Israeli Startup making 3D-Printed Vegan Steak Secures $135 Million In Funds

As reported by Israeli Financial newspaper Globes the funds will be used for worldwide expansion. After finishing the founding round Redefine Meat has contracted new employees at a growth rate of 320 percent in just one year.

Redefine Meat is best known for its 3D-printed steaks and burgers made of layers of vegan ingredients such as soy, coconut, and barley.

Each product allows “vegans and meat lovers to enjoy great meat-eating experiences without compromising on taste, health, and sustainability,” the company claims.

Currently, the steaks are distributed in 150 restaurants across Israel whereas the plan is to expand globally.

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