Gordon Ramsay Stuns 11 Million Followers As He Jokes ‘I’m Turning Vegan’

Image Credit: Dave Pullig, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Famous chef and entrepreneur Gordon Ramsay, who is known worldwide as a meat lover, stunned his 11 million Instagram followers by announcing that he is turning vegan.

Ramsay, on a TikTok video, made the announcement in a vegan cooking tutorial. The video turned viral and got over one million views in less than a day.

‘Hi guys it’s Gordon. I’ve got a confession. After three decades of cooking, hundreds and hundreds and thousands of hours behind the stove… I’m turning vegan’

Gordon Ramsay on Instagram video

It shows him charing an aubergine, adding oil and seasoning before basting with red wine and vegan butter jus.

Towards the end of the video, Ramsay jokes and says that he’s only turning vegan ‘for lunch, only’.

Upon sharing the recipe, he says ‘you won’t believe this juicy steak is vegan’.

Gordon Ramsay’s recipe

It’s a rub made from cumin seeds, mustard seeds, and peppercorns and extensive roasting in the oven.

Ramsay garnishes it with shiitake mushrooms and creamy garlic mash, as well as a caramelized vegan glaze.

For additional flavor, you marinate the aubergine overnight with a sprinkling of the rub and drizzling of jus, he recommends.

Social media reaction

Upon posting the video to his TikTok, Ramsay wrote ‘That Vegan Teacher where are you- oh wait. This is a nod to the banning of viral vegan TikToker, That Vegan Teacher.

On Instagram, the reaction was positive with many users praising the chef for making ‘a start’. 

The chef has made moves towards accepting vegan recipes over the past few years. He’s openly accepted the rise in popularity and said in the past that the food industry ‘must adapt’.

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