Go Vegan And This Job Will Pay You $68,000

UK meal subscription company Vibrant Vegan is looking for a Vegan Coordinator, preferably a meat-eater who is willing to change his lifestyle and go for three months in exchange for an attractive salary and free meals.

The chosen applicant will receive a salary of £50,000 (approximately $68,000) for the period in addition to unlimited vegan meals provided by Vibrant Vegan. During the three-month trial period, the chosen applicant will be obliged by contact to desist of all his animal and animal-derived foods, he will test new products from a “carnivore” perspective and share his journey with other carnivores on social media. 

After the three months, he will receive a new contract where if he stays for the remainder of 2021 he will receive a lifetime supply of meals from Vibrant Vegan valued at £100,000 ($135,00). 

”Vibrant Founder Iain Burke-Hamilton said. “As we head into the New Year, we at Vibrant Vegan want to demonstrate not only the health and environmental benefits of being that we hear so much about, but also highlight that vegan food can, and should, be enjoyed by everyone—even the UK’s biggest meat lover.”

All applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 65 and must be a meat consumer regularly. 

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