Europe’s Colorful Vegan Burgers Landed In The Us

Europe’s Colorful Vegan Burgers Landed In The Us
Image Credit: Flower Burger

The delivery-only ghost kitchen Flower just launched its first North American location in Culver City, CA. The kitchen offers six different plant-based burgers. They look vibrant and colorful burger bun, in the example, the Jungle Burger which comes on a green bun colored with spirulina powder and turmeric; the Classic and Spicy Chickpea with turmeric-colored yellow ; the Cherry Bomb with a pink bun colored with cherry and beet extract; and the signature Flower Burger with a violet bun colored with purple carrot extract. 

Flower Burger also produces cheese, mayonnaise, and other condiments, along with sides such as potato wedges, or Patatas with Flower mayo and spicy ketchup. Dessert offerings include Coco- (a -based frozen treat with espresso, cocoa-roasted almonds, and hazelnuts) and the Salami (a rolled and sliced confection made from dark chocolate and oat-based biscuits).

The Flower Burger concept was created by the Italian entrepreneur Matteo Toto, with a presence in more than a dozen locations across Italy, , London, and the Netherlands. 

The basic idea was to create a brand-inclusive experience offering plant-based cuisine with fun and enjoyment.

This idea inspired the menu's signature, vibrant burger buns and playful, with a funky inspired design throughout the stores.

“Opening in LA is a dream come true, We're excited to bring the passion and energy of Flower Burger to the US and have plans to expand quickly. We love that LA locals prioritize all the same values that we do, from inclusivity to conscious, sustainable eating.”

Matteo Toto

Barbara Lazaroff is responsible to bring the brand to LA together with entrepreneur Elena Platt—who discovered the chain while in Italy. 

“I fell in love with Flower Burger when I first tasted one at their location in Rome,After meeting Matteo and learning more about their commitment to diverse ingredients that go beyond the typical plant-based offerings, I knew it was something I had to bring home. The past year has been incredibly tough for LA, so we're excited to launch a brand focused on fun, inclusivity, and sustainability at a time when those are more important than ever.”

Elena Platt

Flower Burger is available to order through delivery platforms such as Grubhub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats. This summer, the brand will open its first storefront in West Hollywood.

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