Did Gordon Ramsay craft a vegan steak out of an eggplant?

The most recent installment of Gordon Ramsay’s online cooking series on YouTube teaches viewers how to make a vegan steak supper out of an eggplant.

Recently, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, who has been known for his outspoken opposition to veganism in the past, published a brand new recipe on his YouTube channel for a vegan version of his signature steak supper. This recipe is part of a growing collection of vegan recipes on Ramsay’s website, in which he discusses the possibility of becoming a vegan and teaches viewers new ways to prepare vegetables.

In the little video that is only one minute long, Ramsay demonstrates to viewers how to toast spices, char an eggplant over an open gas stove flame, and season the eggplant once it has been peeled. After that, he reduces some red wine in a skillet with some butter—he makes a point of calling it “vegan butter”—and then he bastes the eggplant while it is still cooking. At last, Ramsay demonstrates to viewers how to serve the dish by beginning with mashed potatoes and greens, then placing a piece of the vegan steak on top of the mashed potatoes and greens, and finally topping the plate with mushrooms and red wine sauce.

In the video, Ramsay can be heard saying, “Vegan steak supper, joyfully done.” “I’m going vegan for lunch, but only for that meal.”

From vegan hater to plant lover: the transformation of Gordon Ramsay

In years past, Gordon Ramsay would routinely make jokes about vegans, and at one point, he even claimed that he had an allergy to them. However, the famous chef now appears to be embracing veganism. This can be seen in the fact that vegan chefs are being featured on his cooking competition shows and that more vegan meals are being included on the menus of his restaurants.

Recent episodes of Ramsay’s newest competition show, Future Food Stars, which is currently airing on BBC One in the United Kingdom and is in the midst of its debut season, included Ian Theasby and Henry Firth, the two people responsible for the online sensation BOSH! The program gives 12 aspiring business owners in the food and beverage industry the opportunity to compete against one another for Ramsay’s mentorship and a £150,000 ($185,000) investment in their companies. Theasby and Firth served as judges for a vegan-focused competition during the semi-final show that aired a month ago. The assignment required the remaining businesses to produce a 30-second TikTok video supporting veganism, which Ramsay has self-proclaimed to be his “favorite subject.”

Josie Clemens became the first vegan competitor in the 17-year history of the food competition show Hell’s Kitchen when Ramsay invited her to participate in season 20 of the show. The season began in the spring of 2018. The chef, who was born in Michigan, shared that she and Ramsay initially connected on social media after she tweeted to him, “When are you turning vegan, mate?” This prompted Ramsay to follow Clemens on Twitter.

The chef with the Michelin star has introduced a large number of vegan meals throughout the more than 35 restaurants he owns. In 2019, Ramsay started Veganuary by introducing a vegan menu at his restaurant Bread Street Kitchen in London. Bread Street Kitchen is located in the United Kingdom. The chef de cuisine launched his own restaurant in Chicago in the previous year, and he made sure to have vegan burgers on the menu there. One of the eight signature burgers at the restaurant bearing the chef’s name, which is also called Gordon Ramsay Burger, is called the Vegan Burger. The vegan burger consists of a vegan patty, egg-free garlic mayonnaise, bib lettuce, tomato, and avocado, and it is served on a vegan bun. The burger is completely devoid of animal products. Any of the other burgers can have the vegan patty added in its place of the meat for an additional charge of $6.


In addition to that, Ramsay has been seen endorsing vegan items. The vegan brand Silk’s oat milk was included in marketing that the chef participated in as an ambassador for a campaign advocating for vegan milk. The Greatest of All Time (GOAT) campaign advertised Silk’s oat milk as the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) milk and featured celebrity ambassadors who are the Greatest of All Time in their own right. Ramsay, who has been given the title of Greatest of All Time for Yelling in Kitchens, has taken to social media to promote the campaign.

“Well, it took my kids getting on me, but now I really love cooking more plant-based food at home and in my restaurants,” Ramsay said. “Well, it took my kids getting on me, but now I really enjoy cooking more plant-based dishes.” “Let me tell you, I know it when I taste it, and I am loving Silk Oatmilk for both sweet and savory meals,” the speaker says. “It’s the perfect balance of creamy and silky.”

In addition to the recipe for eggplant steak that can be found on Ramsay’s YouTube channel, he has also caught the attention of digital audiences with other vegan delicacies, such as vegan crispy bacon and vegan bang bang cauliflower.

Rice paper, which has been marinated and baked, is used in Ramsay’s recipe for vegan bacon. The finished product may be used to make a vegan BLT sandwich. And he concludes the video with his new cutline, which he uses at the end of many of his YouTube films in which he provides a vegan recipe. In this particular video, he says, “I’m turning vegan… for lunch.”

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