Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret That Inspires Many People To Go Vegan


: The Sustainability Secret is an award-winning film by Kip Andersen that makes lots of viewers question their eating habits and rethink the beef-eating habits.

Watching this film people ask to get astonished at how the food on their platter impacts how the future of the planet hangs on the balance of our eating habits. It is an incredible documentary that shows what goes behind the stacks of meat-based products stored in our refrigerators to what the environmentalists do not want us to know about the most destructive industry.

 With statistics and engaging infographics interspersed across the film, People discover how animal agriculture and their rearing are impacting the earth's environment resulting in an unsustainable future for generations to come.

Through the film, Kip Andersen takes the bold step of uncovering the truth of the meat industry by talking to world-leading environmentalists and climate advocates about their perspectives on the equation of animal agriculture and . However, what is most surprising is the number of organizations that accept the devastating effects of animal consumption on a global scale after being pressed, others refused to disclose their opinion on fear of losing support from the masses or getting involved in an unpleasant conflict with the governments.


The film explains in-depth how animal agriculture is causes desertification, water consumption, and global pollution, is responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases than the entire transportation industry, is a significant contributor to rainforest logging, species extinction, water table depletion, soil weathering, and every other factor that leads to environmental degradation and how all this keeps almost unchanged.

As someone who grew in South America I love beef steaks and chorizos, meat was an integral part of my menu, sometimes over breakfast. The environment was something I never took under consideration.

 Watching the documentary, people realize the real, palpable environmental problems that are increasing day by day – frequent droughts, intense climate crises, severe storms, and heatwaves.

One begins to make some sense of urgency and addressing these issues immediately trying to educate people about them, starting with a change in personal habits first.

One of the easiest steps people can easily implement to protect the environment is by switching to an entirely . It is a simple decision that will significantly reduce carbon and methane emissions, water depletion, and environmental deterioration across the globe. All ecological issues like depletion of the ozone layer, greenhouse gas emissions, and groundwater conservation are largely mass-driven. 

Cowspiracy is a documentary that will change people's perspectives forever. For those of you who haven't watched this film yet, it's worth the time — an eye-opener that will motivate you to create awareness about environmental protection.

The film is available on Netflix.

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