Canadian Cheese Master Makes Vegan Brie Better Than The Real Thing

Toronto-based company “Future of Cheese” sold out its vegan Ripened Brie in less than 24 hours of its recent pre-sale launch. The -based cheese is a version of the traditional ripened brie naturally aged and has a delicate, ripe rind.  

Future of Cheese was founded in 2020 by entrepreneur Jen Wojtaszek, chef Craig Harding, and Maître Fromager (cheese master) Afrim Pristine with the mission to create plant-based dairy alternatives using natural ingredients without any synthetic ingredients and using unique aging and manufacturing processes. 

“Our products are created by experts (Harding and Pristine) who have spent a lifetime mastering the art of cheese making and perfecting culinary mastery from the best in the world,” Wojtaszek told VegansBay.

 “Although we keep our upcoming products confidential, we can disclose that our focus is to develop plant-based variations of dairy products that have been traditionally in high-demand by consumers, such as mozzarella.”

Before creating its Ripened Brie, Future of Cheese's first product was a cultured Future of Butter product line that included salted and unsalted varieties of plant-based butter made from oil, cashews, and sunflower oil. 

Though Future of Cheese is a two years old company, Canadian-based independent organic grocer Organic Garage acquired them for USD 5 million. As a subsidiary of Organic Garage, Future of Cheese will be able to establish a chain of distribution networks and high-profile marketing channels. 

The Ripened Brie is currently being sold for retail in approximately 20 stores in Toronto, restaurants, and bakeries. The adoption of its butter and brie by chefs and restaurateurs happened faster than expected on an impressive list of highly recognized restaurants, including Toronto's Piano-Piano Restaurants, Gia, La Palma, and Constantine, which they have already incorporated the products into new and existing menu offerings. 

“The retail response is even better than anticipated. Selling out our first production run without incurring lost product costs is as successful as it gets in the CPG business,” Wojtaszek said.

 “We are currently increasing production for all of our current products in anticipation of the holiday season, accelerated in part by increased interest from new retailers and potentially high-profile foodservice and partnerships.”

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