Call For ‘Humane’ Labeling On Animal Products Rejected In Australia


A new call for the labeling system of animal products in Australia has been rejected in line with welfare standards. 

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) denied the use of a new certification trademark (CTM) application for a ‘certified humane label.

The main reason to rule that out was that they think it will mislead consumers.

US-based Humane Farm Animal Care made the CTM application, with the hopes of bringing the label to Australia. The firm wants to work towards improving the lives and conditions of farm animals with strict standards worldwide.

However, it was rejected in Australia following intervention from animal rights organizations including the local branch of PETA.

For consumers, the term humane might become the image of an animal enjoying a happy life and enduring minimal suffering during the slaughter process, however, according to PETA even if welfare guidelines were strictly followed, these idealistic visions do not align with the reality of contemporary animal agriculture.

In response to the application, PETA outlined how no process of slaughter can be considered ever ‘humane’.

Today, welfare standards include the trimming of hens’ beaks so they don’t peck and hurt each other, as well as cramped cages for farmed pigs.

Welfare standards

The ACCC rejected the CTM due to fears that consumers would be misleading. Australian producers have already met the welfare standards they claimed.

The organization affirmed that Australian consumers already have particular regard for animal welfare and that humane treatment of animals was too difficult to define.

That a marking such as this confuses the consumers as they may incorrectly assume that produce that does not bear any mark might not have been produced humanely. Even though producers may have met strict animal welfare requirements, it added in a statement.

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