Breaking Boundaries. A New Netflix Film Will Shock You.

Netflix announced today the launch and synopsis of Breaking Boundaries, a documentary film explaining the science behind the catastrophic impact humans have on Earth since the beginning of civilization.

It’s narrated by the iconic British broadcaster, Sir David Attenborough.

Viewers will be taken on a virtual trip where they’ll be able to inform themselves on the issues of the ecological crisis by the world-renowned scientist, Professor Johan Rockström. The documentary will also delve into the solutions.

Breaking Boundaries was produced by Silverback Films,  and is seeking to increase awareness for environmental issues across the globe. It was directed and produced by Jon Clay. Executive producers are Alastair Fothergill, Keith Scholey, Colin Butfield, Jochen Zeitz, and Kate Garwood.

The title reflects on how humans have strain and scorched the Planet beyond the boundaries which have kept it stable for more than 10,000 years.

Despite the shocking science it uncovers, the creators claim the key message it’s one of positivity and as explained by Prof. Rockström suggests, humanity still has time to act.

Rockstrom says that what we do in the next decade will be decisive for humanity’s future on Earth and appears to be aligned with the known Agenda 2030 as he explains in the trailer.

“As a species, humanity is careening close to the edge. Our impact on nature is bringing us dangerously close to planetary boundaries…It is tempting to think this is another climate story. But it is much bigger. It is about Earth’s life support system – the biosphere, a thin veil clinging to the surface of Earth where life thrives…My work is about understanding the interactions between Earth’s climate, ecosystems, and life, the ocean and ice sheets, rivers, lakes and soils, forests and farms, the carbon cycle. And, people – the economy, governments, consumers…As a speciesas a global civilization, we are now in the driver’s seat. We are the main force for change in the biosphere.”

Professor Johan Rockström from Netflix news

Sir David Attenborough, the nature historian described the research behind Breaking Boundaries as ‘one of the clearest explanations’ he has ever seen regarding the alleged climate crisis.

He added: “With major global decisions on biodiversity and climate change taking place this year, there has never been a more important time to communicate the science of what is happening to our planet.”

Human pressures on Earth are now reaching ‘irreversible tipping points, he says.

Attenborough’s hope is that more people can view the environmental problems dominating the news with more urgency.

Additionally, he said he hopes they can be inspired to create a ‘stable, healthy future’.

Breaking Boundaries from Netflix with the 160 million households that tuned into Emmy-award-winning nature film, My Octopus Teacher, the streaming service is committed to continuing to spotlight issues surrounding sustainability.

Moreover, it displays a growing public interest in environmental issues. And, this interest is resulting in direct action, such as placing pressure on politicians to do more to protect the planet.

For example, since the debut of Seaspiracy, hundreds of thousands of people signed a petition urging global leaders to protect 30 percent of oceans by 2030.

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