Beyond Meat’s New Vegan Chicken Tenders Launch At 400 Restaurants

Image Source: Beyond Meat

More than 350 restaurants in the US started serving Beyond Meat's new tenders today.

The breaded tenders are made from peas and faba offering  14 grams of in each serving per serving. They contain no GMOs and 40 percent less saturated than any real tenders.

Food chains such as Next Level , Fire Wings, Dog Haus, Epic Burger, and Sarpino's Pizzeria will be among those food chains to offer the new vegan faux chicken tenders. Beyond Meat say they will be able to lower the price as the product becomes more available.

Dariush Ajami, Chief Innovation Officer at Beyond Meat, said the company is ‘innovating' the crowded poultry market. In the US, poultry is eaten more than any other meat.

“We're innovating the poultry market with the new Beyond Chicken Tenders—the result of our tireless pursuit for excellence and growth at Beyond Meat. As with all our products, Beyond Chicken Tenders offer delicious taste and an exceptional culinary experience, along with strong nutritional benefits. Innovation is at the heart of Beyond Meat, and Beyond Chicken Tenders are the latest example of our mission to create groundbreaking, tasty options that are better for people and for our planet.”

Dariush Ajami, Chief Innovation Officer at Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat first, worldwide recognition was in 2016 when it launched the Beyond Burger. The patty, made from pea protein, was designed to look, cook, and taste like an animal-based meat burger.

Now the company also offers vegan , classic and spicy breakfast sausages, ground beef, and beef crumbles and it also produces Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, and Brat Original sausages.

According to Forbes last June issue, they reported that Beyond Meat's total revenue may exceed $1 billion by the year 2023.

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