Beyond Meat Plant-Based Dairy Debut

Image Credit: Beyond Meat

Global meat giant with more than 100 trademark applications recently made to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is indicating that they are planning to release a long list of new products in the pipeline.

Public records from USPTO show all requests submitted since the beginning of 2021 which in between them include Beyond Fish, Beyond Ham, Beyond Shrimp, Beyond Lamb, and Beyond Egg and the most recent application indicates the brand is also moving into the dairy sector.

It was submitted on August 12 this year and the trademark for Beyond is one of 109 total requests.

The application reads that it's intended to cover the categories of food products made of milk substitutes based on vegan substances which include plant-based milk products made out of , seeds, oats, wheat, or rice, the process can span between 12 and 18 months.

Another filing under the Beyond Milk name is classed under , tea, and confectionery.

Securing the Beyond Milk name wasn't an easy task. Last year, Beyond Meat filed an opposition when a German confectionary firm tried to register it as a trademark.

Katjes Fassin GmbH + Co. KG submitted its request to label dairy-free candy in May 2020.

The documents reveal Beyond Meat's disagreements due to spending a considerable amount of resources on advertising and promotion. The vegan plant-based giant argued the trademark application is too similar in appearance and could be confused with the Beyond Meat brand confusing and deceiving  consumers as was argued by Beyond Meat lawyers

Beyond Meat Plant-Based Dairy Debut

The brand has remained silent on whether we'll be soon set to see Beyond Milk in stores along with other trademarks too.

Further documents reveal approved trademarks for Beyond Fried , Beyond Tuna, and Beyond . There's also Beyond Hot Dogs, Beyond Jerky, Beyond Brunch, and Beyond Day.

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