Best airlines vegan meals

I remember a few years ago that I needed to stockpile snacks to carry for every flight. Now we have a growing number of airlines offering gourmet plant-based options. Before your flight, you can request a vegan meal by registering your food preferences in your frequent flyer info online. There is a bonus to this and its many airlines will serve these “special meals” first, which could be great if you're planning for a long sleep on an overnight flight. Here we share a few examples of six airline meals you might find while flying. 

1. Emirates Airlines Vegan Meal: Misir wat 

No need to be on first to get a vegan treat on Emirates Airlines. One of the options they serve is Misir-Wat which is an Ethiopian style spicy red lentil stew with sautéed spinach and spiced and carrots. If it's not this one, you might see others like Jalfrezi, Shiitake , or Bean Chili. 

2. Singapore Airlines Vegan Meal: Stuffed Delicata Squash 

Singapore Airlines always has a vegan meal available. Last year, the airline partnered with Canyon Ranch to provide vegan meals like stuffed delicata squash, but they are planning to partner with new companies in the upcoming months.

3. American Airlines Vegan Meal: Grilled with chili

Around 25% of American Airlines customers prefer to pre-order a vegan meal, according to information obtained in 2020. Grilled cauliflower with chili is just one example, but customers also find grilled vegetables served with a mushed grilled eggplant appetizer. A vegan salad, multigrain roll, and brownie may accompany the entrée, too.

4. Swiss International Vegan Meal: Vegetable green curry with basmati rice

The Swiss airline partnered with Hiltl, one of the world's oldest vegetarian restaurants. There is a vegetarian hot meal on long flights, but you can passengers can also preorder an à la carte option from Hiltl while booking your flight. Some of the options include mesclun salad with Hiltl salad dressing, vegetable green curry with basmati rice, and mango mousse with fresh mango compote.

5. Delta Air Lines Vegan Meal: Lentil and artichoke ragout

Vegan meals, such as a lentil and artichoke ragout, have been in rotation with Delta Air Lines as part of its special meal program. Note that on its website, the airline lists “vegetarian (vegan) meal” as one of three vegetarian meal options, and needs to be specified when ordering. The description confirms that it does not contain meat, seafood, eggs, or dairy.

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