Ben & Jerry’s Releases Its 20th Vegan Flavor. Somebody Said Bananas?

Image Source: Ben & Jerry’s

company Ben & Jerry’s started in 2022  and they are going bananas. Not one, but two new vegan flavors and bringing the count of their vegan flavors to twenty pints. The newest flavor is Bananas Foster, which is a rich combination of creamy sunflower butter-based ice cream with cinnamon and banana which is dotted with crunchy almond toffee and a salted caramel core. Though usually Ben & Jerry’s often releases new flavors both in dairy and non-dairy versions, the Bananas Foster flavor is exclusive to the brand’s non-dairy line, joining the non-Dairy Chunky Monkey as the brand’s second banana-based flavor. 

With this new flavor, Ben & Jerry’s is expanding its non-dairy menu further with the launch of the new non-Dairy Boom Chocolatta, which is the non-dairy flavor recreation of Ben & Jerry’s popular dairy flavor but almond milk-based in mocha and caramel flavors dotted with flakes and cookies all built around a unique gluten-free cookie core. 

Both new plant-based flavors will hit the stores this week and have a tag price of USD4.50 and USD 5.80 per pint. 

Image Source: Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s is in the business of business for the last 40 years, the Vermont-based company is now looking to transform a big chunk of its portfolio completely dairy-free to improve its sustainability metrics and offer its customers healthier choices. Back in 2016, Ben & Jerry’s began started its transition to vegan flavors with the launch of its first four almond milk-based flavors: PB & Cookies, Caramel Fudge, Brownie, and Chunky Monkey. 

Ben & Jerry’s turned its focus toward non-dairy bases and launched an allergen-friendly sunflower butter base with three new flavors: “Milk” & Cookies, Crème Brûlée Cookie, and Mint Cookie. 

The two new vegan flavors, Bananas Foster and Boom Chocolatta will join Non-Dairy Karamel Sutra, which Ben & Jerry’s launched as its first vegan remake of a Core flavor last year. In 2021, they recreated vegan versions of popular flavors, including AmeriCone Dream, The Tonight Dough, and the legendary Phish Food—which Ben & Jerry’s also launched last year. 

In addition to ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s also offers vegan cookie dough bites—the same ones found in some of its flavors—in snack packs at retailers nationwide. Outside of the United States, Ben & Jerry’s offers even more vegan flavors.

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