Babybel Released Vegan Mini Cheese Wheels, And Aldi Releases Its First Dairy-Free Cheese Series

Babybel Released Vegan Mini Cheese Wheels, And Aldi Releases Its First Dairy-Free Cheese Series
Image Source: Bel UK

cheese is trending in the UK right now, as two major brands step into the sector for the first time. Dairy giant Babybel, worldwide famous for its mini cheese wheels, just released its first-ever . Meanwhile, budget-friendly supermarket chain Aldi debuts its first non-dairy cheese line in the UK – just in time for .

Babybel vegan mini cheese wheels

French snack cheese brand Babybel was first launched back in 1952, it became world-famous when they introduced its popular mini cheese wheels in 1977.

The company never ventured into the vegan scene but will take the first leap on January 1, 2022, by launching the cheese wheels in the UK.

The wheels are produced from oil and are free from artificial colors and preservatives. It's a source of calcium and vitamin B12 and is approved by the Vegan Society.

Each wheel will be wrapped in Babybel's iconic wax coating, swapping out its usual red, violet, and yellow coloring for green.

Brand manager Ollie Richmond said that consumer push had motivated the launch.

“We've seen overwhelming demand for the development of a vegan-friendly Babybel over the years, and with the plant-based market continuing to grow substantially, the new launch is perfectly timed to meet this consumer appetite,”

Babybel is expecting that this Veganuary launch will unlock incremental sales. The 31-day will see people around the globe pledging to go vegan throughout January.

The campaign's popularity has been growing exponentially in recent years. Last Veganuary, we had a record-breaking 582,000 people signed up and committing to a Vegan way of life.

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