Argentina’s President Going Vegan?

Argentina’s President Alberto Fernández said in a recent meeting at the UVA (Union Vegana Argentina) that he is willing to stop eating meat if Paul McCartney plays ‘Blackbird’ in his office. The meeting was organized by UVA President Manuel Martí after a petition signed by 500,000 Argentinians opposing the construction of pig factory farms in Argentina. The meeting also included discussions about the implementation of Meat-Free Monday—a campaign spearheaded by Sir Paul McCartney and his daughters in 2009.  

While Martí revealed that Fernández’s comment about going meat-free was said in what appears to be more a prank than the truth, Martí did reach out to McCartney to hold the president to his word. “I began putting the Paul McCartney request into motion and probably at some point he will send a letter to the president asking him to implement no-meat Mondays, as they have done in other countries.

Meat-Free Mondays

In 2017, the former President of Argentina Mauricio Macri implemented Mondays at the Casa Rosada (the Presidents Government House). All the 500 employees of the Casa Rosada, including former President Macri, excluded animal products from their meals one day per week for the purpose of awareness about the issues surrounding the high-meat diets of Argentine people.

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