A Small Vegan Terms Dictionary For A Rapidly Transforming Plant-Based World

If you think that vegans are only people that do not eat meat or dairy, do not wear leather or use animal products, hug trees and grow lettuce in the backyard you are probably right but they also roll in an Electric Car and invest in the latest biotech companies.

The world of vegan has changed, along with the world, it’s not only the food. So, too, has the language that accompanies these people.

Here is are a few new terms  introduced to the dictionary

Flexitarian: Someone who eats mostly vegetables and plant-based foods, but eats fish and cheese and meat from time to time.

Veg Curious: A carnivore who is asking questions about what it is like to be vegan/ vegetarian/ flexitarian.

Reducetarian: A carnivore cutting back on meat. While they haven’t switched to veganism, they are likely to purchase a product like a plant-based meat substitute to get the same meaty experience, without the meat.

VegSavvy: Someone creative when cooking vegetables.

VegEconomy: This is the ecosystem of vegan businesses run by vegans. 

VegTech or VTech: Refers to businesses innovating and producing vegan products.

AB-ESG: Animals, Biodiversity, Environment, and Social Governance

Precision Fermentation:  The process of taking genes from the cells of animals (or from a database) and growing them through the help of microbes to become the same proteins that would have been in the animal. This is a technique to make milk, ice cream, and cheese.

Biomass Fermentation: Again with microbes or fungi, growing whole foods at an industrial scale. 

Cultivated Meat: Growing the actual parts of meat desired from animal cells. For example, Plant-based Fillet Mignon.

Plant-based protein: Technically refers to all protein since Humans and animals don’t make protein. Only microbes and plants make protein. 

Stay tuned for more lingo in the future.

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