7 Hot New Vegan Products You Need To Try

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Every day we learn about new foods products being released to supermarket shelves worldwide like never before. Sometimes it’s even hard to keep track of them all.

So here are seven of our favorite drops that you can try this week.

1. Kraft Mac & Cheese


Kraft has just released a new version of its iconic Mac & Cheese in Australia. American food conglomerate Kraft has launched a vegan version of its boxed Mac & Cheese in Australia.

It is gluten-free and recommends customers use soy milk over dairy. While it launched via Woolworths, the product is currently unavailable online.

2. Greggs Sausage, Bean, And Cheese Melt

We had big news this week when British bakery chain Greggs revealed it will be launching another option to its menu.

The chain will veganize its most popular sausage with bean and cheese melt with Quorn sausages.

The company added that ‘your taste buds will love the melt, which is ‘satisfying and fulfilling.

Hannah Squirrell, Customer Director at Greggs, said: “The latest addition to our menu gives customers another -friendly alternative to one of our most iconic menu items.

“As we expand our options with the launch of our new Vegan Sausage, Bean and CheeZe Melt, we mark another milestone as we continue with our journey to become our customers’ favourite destination for food-on-the-go.”

3. Sweet Earth Foods


Nestlé’s Sweet Earth Foods brand has been expanding all over this year. It launched three new flavors of its Mindful Chick’n strips in May to meet consumer demand.

Now, they’ve just added Breakfast Bowls and Plant-Based Deli Slices to its offerings.

– The Breakfast Bowls come in three different styles, including Protein Lover’s, featuring a scrambled and plant-based sausage and bacon.

Additionally, there is the Southwest Veggie Breakfast Bowl version: with a scramble including poblano peppers, black beans, cilantro, and brown rice. Lastly, there is the Mexican-inspired Huevos Rancheros with sweet potatoes and tortilla strips.

-The second newbie under Sweet Earth Foods is its deli slices, with added protein. They come in three different flavors: Turkey, Ham, and Pepperoni. Each new item is available at Whole Foods, Thyme Market, Walmart, Kroger Stores, and Target across the US.

4. Oreo Salted Caramel Brownie


The Oreo brand just unveiled a new flavor. It features one layer of caramel flavored creme and one layer of brownie flavored creme with a little salt on top’.

This Salted Caramel Brownie is a limited edition offering for its US and UK customer base

5. DUG Potato Milk


Potato milk is a plant milk made from potatoes. Its texture is dubbed to be white and milky and it’s mild in taste.

Producing considerably less CO2 than dairy – it’s also considered more environmentally friendly than other popular plant kinds of milk.

Swedish milk brand DUG has launched three flavors of its world-first potato milk. They include Unsweetened, Original, and Barista.

The Potato milk is dubbed to be extra creamy and environmentally friendly

6. Nurishh


cheese brand Nurishh is a new vegan venture from the makers of Cheese Babybel and Boursin.

Its new range includes Mozzarella Style Block, Plant-Based Alternative To Camembert, and grated blends of Mozzarella Style and Cheddar style.

The makers succeeded to keep the familiar flavor of their renowned products but with all the plant-based goodness consumers look for.

7. OGGs snack bars


Plant-based egg brand Oggs has unveiled four new plant-based food products.

The snack bars include a Chocolate Tiffin Bar, Gooey Brownie Bar, Millionaire Shortbread, and Flapjacks.

Customers will be able to find them in WHSmith travel stores across the UK.

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