5 Vegan-friendly Places To Live Or Visit

I lived in many places in my life and enjoyed each one of these magical cities, here are five vegan-friendly places you might want to keep in mind.

1. Montreal

You have plenty of Vegan restaurants in Montreal. Sushi Momo serves all-vegan sushi creations, while at Aux Vivres you’ll be able to find burgers and chili fries to gyros and a BLT sandwich in a hipster atmosphere. Montreal is also home to a fantastic annual Montreal Vegan Festival. 

2. Berlin

Berlin has a long history as a creative and innovation center, lately, it has become a city attracting many IT industries and young people. The city is also a fertile ground for activists speaking up on issues ranging from the environment, economy to animal rights. As the city is concerned with animal rights, Berlin has lots of vegan restaurants, a vegan doughnut shop, even vegan shoes, and accessories. 

3. Tel Aviv

Israel has a great deal to offer vegans that should not be ignored. In fact, the country is considered by many the most vegan-friendly place in the Middle-East and Europe. Whether you crave Middle Eastern food or a pizza, you’ll find a vegan version in Tel Aviv, a city known for hosting from Pride Parades, Theatre, Modern Dancing to Movie Festivals, and let’s not forget the Hummous and  Shakshuka.

4. Vienna

Vienna is the place that gave birth to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms, and Lindt Chocolate. Rich in culture Vienna is an arts mecca but it is also a vegan haven. The city is home to many vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants including Vegetasia—the first vegetarian Taiwanese restaurant in Austria), Veganista Ice Cream), and vegan cosmetics store Fauna & Flora. More good news pets are allowed as long they have a microchip and are vaccinated.

5. Costa Rica

Volcanoes, rainforests, and magnificent beaches are almost a paradise on earth. Costa Rica offers vegans sanctuary not only because of the plant-based food options but also by living the way vegans do. Costa Rica is also an animal lover’s dream, with an estimated four percent of the entire world’s species living there—hundreds of which aren’t found anyplace else on Earth. 

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