4 Easy Ways to Support Your Local Vegan Restaurants in times of Covid.

Many guides are published worldwide, and it a great resource to serve millions of people online, all these businesses are more than just a dot on a map, they are people, families, pillars of their community where people meet, socialize and talk. This year wasn't easy for most of them, temporary shutdowns brought about by , we're at the forefront of the struggle for businesses to survive through this time.  For lots of them, it was extremely hard to make ends meet, and we're here to try and offer support. Today we're bringing you 5 ways to be an active ambassador for the restaurants you love in your community, including ways to help out without dishing out any cash.

1. Take-Out or Delivery

This is the most obvious and easy option; whether ordering directly from a particular restaurant, or through DoorDash, Delivery Hero, or UberEats. Ordering take-out, delivery is a great and safe way to order a meal from your favorite restaurant. If you're not sure your favorite place is offering take-away try calling them or messaging on Facebook; they'll be happy to hear from you and know you're interested in making an order. These days many kitchens implemented stricter sanitation and packaging standards for greater health safety and ease-of-mind.

2. Write a Restaurants Review 

Staying at home gives you a great opportunity to write reviews for favorite restaurants you've visited in the past. These ratings and reviews support a business's reputation and longevity, your feedback can really mean a lot. 

3. Post on Social Media

Like writing a review, posting on social media is another great way to show your solidarity within your inner circle and community. Share where you've ordered take-out post a photo of your meal. This is a fun way to share and let other people know about all available options. 

4. Buy a Gift Voucher

Even if eating-out isn't an option right now we hope it will be starting soon! In the spirit of future dining plans, now is a great time to buy a gift card/voucher either for yourself or a friend. Putting your money into businesses now, when they need it most, brings them some oxygen and the perfect way to say you care for them.

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